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Safety -- More than a Priority


We are a member of ISNetworld

We are certified with ISNetworld, the leading Health and Safety Compliance Management and Reporting System in America.

At Mele & Mele & Sons, Inc. we strive for excellence in safety and production. In an attempt to achieve the highest quality of service and safety, we have recently joined ISNetworld, an on-line contractor/supplier management database that evaluates and verifies contractor/supplier's information in order to meet internal and governmental requirements.

ISNetworld Review and Verification Services (RAVS), evaluates and verifies contractor/supplier Health and Safety programs and information. In addition, RAVS facilitates contractor prequalification and verifies compliance with the monitoring and record keeping requirements set forth by OSHA. We are currently in 100% compliance with the highest standards expected as a member of ISNetworld and our customers.


Keeping our Employees Safe

Mele & Mele & Sons, Inc. recognizes the importance of the health, safety and welfare of our most valuable resource: our employees. Safety is at the forefront of all Mele's activities -- in the workplace and on the job site. Our focus is to ensure compliance with all applicable safety laws, codes and issues and eliminate all accidents.

A safe environment on any construction site is the result of efforts by everyone from top management to the laborer. Each person has a specific responsibility for the overall safety of the project. Mele & Mele & Sons' Safety Program is a comprehensive collection of policies and procedures with built in controls to assure compliance with government regulations and the hazard exposures inherent to our business, and current safety news, safety activities, and reading materials, signs, and posters, that are easily accessible to all employees.

We regularly educate our team members on the importance of participating in and being accountable for a safe environment. Our Safety Committee meets regularly to discuss the constant improvement of processes and procedures and the organizations safety performance is reviewed and analyzed regularly by the Safety Committee along with the management team.

Mele's Safety Program includes:

  • Defined health and safety policies, protocols and procedures.
  • A formal Preventive Maintenance Program for all production and field equipment.
  • Established equipment usage procedures, general production and field installation practices.
  • SDS protocols in compliance with OSHA.
  • Regular training and certification including Certified Space Entry, Competent Person-Excavation, CPR and other job/equipment training and requirements.
  • Emergency procedures and hazard identification and response.
  • Zero tolerance drug and alcohol policy.

Employees are Mele's most important asset, and by maintaining a proactive approach toward safety we will best accomplish our primary goal of zero accidents. Fostering a relationship with OSHA will provide the best avenue to accomplish our goals and illustrate to clients our devoted commitment to the health and safety of our employees.